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5 bottles of CBD, with the image reading "double the strength, double the healing, same great price" in large white letters across the top

Our new correct CBD dose for pets

CBD is still a relatively new holistic alternative to traditional medicines. While there are studies regarding its effectiveness for many ailments and anxiety disorders, it is still a new source of healing. We strive to offer the most powerful, efficient, and safe CBD oil on the market. Since we have been in the CBD business for over 3 years, we have learned a lot about CBD and the best practices to use it. In this time, we’ve learned that higher doses are necessary for better health, better relief, and better wellness. We know that every pet has a different situation and therefor have different needs. We want to be able to better help every animal who is suffering in one way or another. Over the last several months we’ve been working hard to create a product that does just this without raising the cost. Our goal from the beginning has always been to help pets life happy, healthy, and free, and we don’t believe in lining our pockets at the expense of your pets.

How does the new CBD dosage work?

We’ve seen a lot of different milligram strengths for CBD, and they typically float around 150mg to 1500mg, and most companies suggest dosage based on weight – as they should. We’ve seen the best success with high doses of CBD given with food. As more research around CBD emerges, we learn more about this natural healer every day. For example, we’ve found CBD to be most effective when given with food because it clings to fat and is absorbed more efficiently this way.

Scientists have discovered that CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors differently than THC does. It’s still unclear in what way it does interact with these receptors, but it’s proven to work faster and better when administered in high doses. When you give your pet more CBD based on their weight, they have a higher chance of both absorbing all the CBD and finding relief. The idea isn’t to give your pet less because there is more CBD; it’s to give them more so they can experience a pain /anxiety free existence!

CBD dosage by weight of pet
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  • CBD Dehydrated Power Dog Treats: Pumpkin, Peanut Butter and Turmeric

  • CBD Oil for Large Dogs 1600mg

  • CBD Oil for Giant Dogs 2200mg

  • CBD Oil For Cats Salmon Flavour