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If you’re seriously into wellness and a healthy lifestyle you should probably consider looking at cooking with CBD oil. There still plenty of options to try CBD as it comes in different forms and shapes nowadays. You can try CBD body creams, CBD bath bombs, CBD infused face creams and of course CBD oil. However, you may still want to explore more ways to incorporate this wonder oil into your daily routine.

Why Try Cooking with CBD oil?

Restaurants and cafes are still far away from serving food with CBD so your best option is to learn how to incorporate CBD in your daily cooking routine. As we mentioned in our previous posts, CBD oil does not make you high, instead, it boosts your immunity, relieves common pain, and benefits your mental health.

How Much CBD to Put in My Recipe

Same as with any new used oil for cooking, try to start with a small amount. ¾ to 1 teaspoon of CBD oil per serving. If your recipe doesn’t include any oil as an ingredient, then just add a small amount of CBD and stir or blend well to incorporate it.

Best Foods to Add CBD

It is important to remember that CBD oil has a boiling point of 350 Fahrenheit. That means you cannot use it over direct heat. Heat makes CBD evaporate and lose its beneficial nutrients. Instead try to use CBD oil in salad dressings, smoothies, CBD infused butter, sauces, yogurts, low heat baking like cookies or bliss bars.

Cooking with CBD oil can be so much fun, and you always know that your food is not just delicious but healthy.  Because CBD naturally has no specific flavour it’s really easy to infuse it into most or all cold dishes (salty or sweet) in your menu!

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