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Growing up I always had big aggressive breed dogs. They were all family dogs and from what I can remember they all had an edge to them. I have met a few dogs over the years that don’t seem to have an aggressive bone in their body. Mostly they were or are labs or golden retrievers.
I have this small desire to have a dog that really doesn’t care about other people or dogs and is just a friendly happy go lucky dog. If I am really honest, I like the way Harper is and her protective nature.

The way Samson was. The way Ginger our Bouvier was growing up. They were all friendly and relaxed when we were all together but they all had this level of protection that was strong. Like all dogs they speak a language that I don’t understand. I am starting to understand and I am starting to learn it. We are finally learning about communicating with our dogs.
Remember in the movie Hitch with Will Smith. Will said a line in there that I have always remembered. “60% of all human communication is nonverbal, body language; 30% is your tone, so that means 90% of what you’re saying ain’t coming out of your mouth.” When we are talking with our dogs or better yet when they are talking with us 90% and more is not coming out of their mouth.

Watch when your dog licks their lips gently and quickly, and you see their eyes are wide open. They may be telling you they are uncomfortable in the situation or the surroundings. When something happens and you get really excited and your dog stretches out with their front legs right out in front of them. They are communicating with you about how that they are playful and excited in the current situation. This is a couple examples of the ways your dog is communicating with you and their surroundings.

There is a book that Hannah has read and that I am reading called “On Talking Terms with Dogs” by Turid Rugaas. This book is an easy read and is full of wonderful information about understanding what our fur babies are saying. To help us better understand Harper, our dog trainer recommended this book. We are able to calm her down because we know what she is saying before we are in the middle of a confrontation.

We know that our dogs want to please us and would do anything for us. That’s what makes them our best friend. We are watching how amazing Harper communicates with us and we can communicate with her as we start to understand her and what she is telling us.