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I was raised in a religious home and in a religious environment for the majority of my early years and into my mid teens. My best friend and soccer buddy Eli was my keyhole to the outside world. Eli’s parents allowed him to have marijuana at home, he just needed to maintain good grades. There was no way any of that would fly around my house. The religious community at school, church and most of our friends were all raised the same. There was a group of us that hung out after school from time to time. Some of us were from the religious school and some of the others were from the public school. We were a good group of kids in my comparison of what is going on today. Every once in a while one of the other kids would bring something that they took from their parents.

It was different back then, there was only one type of marijuana, it was called weed. It didn’t come in oil, treats or lotions. I remember the odd time we heard of brownies but that was as foreign to us as UFO’s. We heard it existed but that’s it. There was no way that any of our parents would even entertain the idea of doing it with their friends while on a night out. Or use it to relax after a long week. I have even heard of it now being available and provided in religious environments. This is crazy to me. I think evolution is wonderful and it shows maturity and openness and this is an incredible illustration.

I love watching CBD take flight. CBD has become a poolside conversation with kids running around playing and our parents chiming in. Hearing people talk about their parents taking oil or some other form of it. Grandmas and Grandpas using CBD to help those creaky joints. Auntie the cat lady buying it to stop her cat from peeing around the house. The boss asking if you’ve tried buying the “awesome stuff” from the online store that delivers to your door.

To be in a time where I use CBD on my dog Harper to help her with aggression and it helps calm her down. Using it on my late Samson and watching his seizures subside completely. Hearing all the stories come in regularly about animals with stress, anxiety or inflammation being able to live free from these ailments is nothing short of amazing. The days of seeing the recognizable fingered leaf being solely associated to rebellion are over. Welcome Healing.

***None of the products we carry contain any THC and will NOT give you or your pet a “high” feeling. Pawt4Paws is strictly a CBD store that carries only Hemp CBD products.***