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Everyone and their dogs are talking about CBD these days! While anything marijuana or cannabis has been a taboo topic, it is quickly getting a second look. Even the uptight are taking a peak. Pawt4Paws carries all different types of CBD and hemp oils for pets and people, as well as different types of CBD balms, salves creams and  lotions. So what is all the craze with the CBD skin lotion, balms and salves.

My dog Harper has been on CBD products on since we adopted her early 2019. She is on oil 2 times per day to help calm her fear, anxiety and aggression. She has had a really tough time integrating, but is doing a lot better now. When Harper gets itchy she scratches so much. She rubs under her front legs raw her belly gets covered in little red dots. We have been trying different combinations to see what helps the best and if there are any changes that we can see.

We have used the hot spot salve and it worked really well. It was easy to apply and it definitely reduced her itchiness. We are currently using the CBD Nose and Paw stick and it is very easy to apply as its in a deodorant type stick. I know it says nose and paw but we rub it all over her, and she loves it! It has worked really well, her itching subsides really quickly after we have put it on her. We usually just rub it on her once a day or every other day. It calms the red bumps and also helps heal the scratch marks under her legs and allows them to heal because she stops scratching them.

We have seen great results with CBD skin lotion on people too. Here is Chelan’s review of the CBD muscle and Joint lotion. “I had major cancer surgery in late Oct 2018 which left me with an extremely large scar that runs from my pubic bone to the top of my rib cage.  At times the scar tissue is painful, after a strenuous work out or being stretched after sitting for prolonged periods.  The Hemp Heal lotion has helped greatly to relieve the discomfort during these times.  I feel good about using it as it is applied externally.  I’ve found an alternative to Ibuprofen!  It smells great too!

Scientifically can CBD cream or lotion help? CBD receptors are internal how can an exterior application work?

In 2014 there was a study performed and they found that CBD applied to the skin can decrease production of anandamide. Anandamide promotes sebum which increases oily skin and blocks pores. This combo can lead to Acne. In this study they concluded that   “…our findings suggest that, due to the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”

CBD carries out complex anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions and it’s being shown as new experimental studies are being done. These studies are showing how CBD effects rheumatoid arthritis, acne and more as they are a result of inflammatory skin changes that CBD cannabinoid can successfully calm down. CBD also has potent antioxidant effects; it is possible that CBD can help counteract signs of aging caused by free radicals.

We are waiting for more studies to be done and more science showing the proven benefits. We are personally trying products on our different ailments and seeing that CBD has pawsitive effects on our complex bodies.