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Harper is helping me learn so much about dogs and our human dog connection. We have had a bit of a rough start so I have had to take the challenge to understand her. CBD oil has helped us immensely and has helped calm her and lower her anxiety, I am so thankful it has worked for her and us. I know that even though CBD has helped her be calm and take the edge is off we still need to have a mix of CBD respect and understanding for us to have an incredible life as a family with Harper.

We had a dog trainer come into our home and help our family with her. It was amazing and we did the training as a family, Harper included. It was actually a really bonding experience. We all became more comfortable together. We learned so much and something that I took away was that she wants to connect and I need to respect and understand her more then she needs to respect and understand me. This actually made me tear up when he said it. I saw the vulnerability in her, the desire to connect and please. Dog’s have an inherent desire to please their owners and studies have shown that they will do things just to please us and be near us. I am seeing that as I respect and have the same desire to please and learn Harper, she feels safe.

Harper pulls when we go for a walk on the leash, if there is water near by it’s a hundred times worse. We have a harness that the leash connects to her chest and that helps. We also have leash that has a part that goes over her nose and keeps her from pulling and that helps a lot too. Last night Hannah the girls and I took Harper to the beach for a swim. I forgot the harness, the over the nose collar, her regular collar and the proper leash. All I had was her cute pink collar and Samsons old leash that’s frayed. I was so nervous about how this was going to go because she is so strong and all my tools were gone. I had to rely on our connection, respect and her desire to please.

Well, she did amazing! All of our connecting, respect and building trust both ways was proof that she wants to please and it works. She walked so close, holding back her desire to run for the water dragging me right behind. She was squeaking and so excited but she was by my side. I was the proudest dog owner on the beach…and thankfully the only one. I am thankful for our trainer that taught me to respect her because that will build her trust with me. To give her what she needs, respect and understanding because she wants to do the same for me. It is now a perfect recipe for us, CBD, respect and understanding. Now that I mention it, for a lot of us this is a great combo for any relationship.