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CBD has been found to be excellent support for chronic health issues in humans and pets alike. As it pertains to dog arthritis, CBD products have been recognized to provide safe and natural remedies for arthritis in dogs – among many other health benefits too!

If you have an ageing pet, you likely have recognized some growing concerns with their health. So, like any good pet parent, finding ways to help your pet thrive throughout its lifespan is likely important to you. Which is something Pawt4Paws is here to help you with!

Recognizing and Understanding Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs can be a very painful experience. In fact, even enjoyable activities that they once were so fond of can become the cause of their discomfort.

Arthritis is a condition within the joints, often due to inflammation in the joint tissue. Dogs’ arthritis can be difficult to pinpoint, but certain breeds tend to be more susceptible, as well – it can be an age-related issue.

Simple tasks that help to ensure your dog maintains their health, can even become an unbearable experience for a dog with arthritis. This is why spotting it and treating it as early and as quickly as possible is so important.

Reasons Dog Arthritis Might Occur Include:

  • Infections that have gone unchecked
  • Trauma in the joints
  • Joint defects
  • Immune system disorders

Arthritis can set in swiftly, leading to restricted movements and other health concerns due to immobility. Finding natural remedies for arthritis in dogs can help tackle the concern in a fast and effective way, and CBD for dogs’ arthritis is just one of the remedies you may want to consider.

CBD for Dogs Arthritis

Just like their human companions, dogs have many of the same ageing ailments. Joint problems are particularly common and can impact a dog’s arthritis concerns.

According to petMD “In commonly seen cases of hip dysplasia, arthritis is partly due to abnormal conformation and misaligned stress points of the coxofemoral joint. The cartilage is adversely impacted and wears away faster than it can regenerate. The bony layer beneath the cushioning cartilage can be exposed and becomes inflamed; the joint capsule surrounding the joint members becomes thickened, less elastic and highly sensitive. Blood vessels to and from the area of the joint dilate and the joint becomes swollen and inflamed. Elastic tissues of the joint stiffen, calcium deposits can build up and nerve endings send pain signals to the brain. Motion becomes more and more restricted due to the joint degeneration, and the discomfort and pain prompts the patient to reduce the use of the joint.”

Although surgery can eventually be a necessity for dogs with chronic conditions such as hip dysplasia; lesser ailments – such as inflammation leading to arthritis, can be tackled naturally. CBD oil is one of these natural remedies for arthritis in dogs.

Pawt4Paws Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Dogs

At Pawt4Paws, our natural remedies for arthritis in dogs come in various forms. From CBD oils, pet treats and skincare products your dog will love.

CBD is an amazing product that helps reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause of most medical concerns in humans and animals alike. Because arthritis is often caused or increased by inflammation, reducing or eliminating it can provide the relief your dog needs to feel healthy and happy again.

CBD Products Can Help Your Dog By…

  • Reducing or eliminating seizures
  • Calming their anxiety
  • Fighting off bad cancer cells
  • Managing their gut health
  • Increasing their appetite and improving their energy overall

Studies that Support CBD Use in Dogs Arthritis

study done in 2017 by Dalhousie University has shown the positive effect of CBD oil on joint pain. As well, a 2015 study done by the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy showed positive results in rats.

These types of studies give us the knowledge we need to implement CBD products into our pet’s healthcare routine, finding ways to combat health concerns and deliver a safe and natural remedy for arthritis in dogs.

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