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CBD oil in Canada has become well-known for its many health benefits, as well as its high level of quality control as a third-party tested product. Pawt4PAws and BriteLife are proud to pass along these benefits and quality to our customers. We want to help our CBD consumers better understand why buying Canadian CBD oil is important.

CBD Oil in Canada is a ‘Cut Above’

We are all aware that regulations and legal parameters are not in short supply when it comes to – well, anything in Canada. Canadian produced CBD oil is no different, which makes our cannabidiol superior to other countries who’s regulations do not require product controls, Cannabis Act regulations or third-party testing.

As Canadian cannabis dispensaries were tasked with meeting quality control measures. This has also resulted in quality products that are exclusively available to Canadians. Regulations come with accountability measures and full-disclosure services. It is offering consumers peace of mind because now labs managing CBD products in a superior manner.

CBD Oil in Canada Is Legal

Because the cannabis industry in Canada has been legal since 2018 for both medicinal and recreational purposes, individuals no longer require a prescription for their cannabis products. Now people can consume pot in its many forms – free of legal concerns.

However, ordering from outside the country could pose a problem, so avoiding that by shopping local simply makes sense.

Buying CBD Oil in Canada Helps Support Local

Supporting local is a great way to ensure your community, along with your country, continues to thrive. And in unprecedented times such as this, investing in local businesses means more than ever.

Pawtf4Paws is exactly that – a local Okanagan business that shares our community’s desire to invest in local farmers and employees. We bring our customers a quality product they can enjoy from the safety of their own homes. We offer a high-quality strain of CBD oil known as Britelife CBD Oil, providing a natural supplement to improve wellbeing, alleviate anxiety or stress, manage inflammation, headaches, or simply address general focus concerns.

Britelife CBD oil 2000 mg


Brightlife CBD oil is 100% natural, non-GMO, Vegan and contains C02 extracted CBD oil with organic MCT coconut oil. It is lab-tested and THC free.

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