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Do you struggle with insomnia? An increasing number of customers are discovering CBD oil for sleep, helping them to treat their insomnia in a holistic way.

Why CBD Can Help Treat Insomnia

CBD has become an incredibly popular product for all manner of concerns – insomnia being high on that list.

In fact, cannabis has been a popular go-to for thousands of years. Dating back as far as in 12-th century – Chinese medical texts discuss how cannabis was used as a sleeping aid.

Today, we have extracted the part of the plant that provides this benefit: CBD – or cannabidiol; and a recent study suggests CBD might help people with short-term sleep problems. It seems this natural sleeping agent assists in a variety of areas, including reducing anxiety and creating a natural calm, which contributes to a sound and uninterrupted sleep.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Looking for a natural supplement to improve your well-being? Our 500mg Brightlife CBD Oil is a great entry product for sleep. It offers the perfect support for health benefits, including anti-inflammatory benefits, pain relief, anxiety relief – and more.

Britelife CBD oil is 100% natural, non-GMO, as well as vegan. It contains C02 extracted CBD oil with organic MTC oil and is 3rd-party tested to ensure optimal quality.

Who Should Try CBD Oil?

The science is slowly emerging on how CBD oil compounds interact with your body’s receptors. The brain is one area it affects, without any of the THC high and all of the calming elements you would want for sleep.

CBD is a non-habit-forming natural way to acquire a restful sleep. However, it is ideal not to become ‘dependent’ on anything that your body should naturally acquire on its own. In so short term, intermittent use of CBD for sleep is definitely recommended.

If you suffer from anxiety on any level, we would be happy to discuss which products might be right for you in order to help you better manage your sleep cycles in 2021.

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We look forward to being part of the solution!