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People who suffer from migraines know this pain is not just a regular headache. It can last anywhere from 5-72 hours. Every movement, noise or bright light triggers even more pain. You might try regular meds, but we all know, side effects are not fun. Likely, in recent years, many discover a natural way to relieve this pain. And yes, friends, its CBD oil.

What We Know

According to this study in 2018 around 2000 people with chronic pain such as migraine, headaches or arthritis were able to replace regular medication with CBD. Among many healing properties CBD oil offers a natural neuroprotective effect and acts as a powerful pain reliever.

Some of them tried hybrid treatment with medication and CBD or CBD and THC. If you choose CBD oil for migraines as your main treatment plan than you might want to know your perfect dosage.

Start Low

Finding the correct CBD dosage is crucial. However, don’t jump all in once even if it’s natural and has no side effects. Everyone reacts differently to different treatments. Depends, how concentrated is your oil, the usual dosage of CBD oil for migraines will be 25mg. This dosage is recommended when the first symptoms of headache or migraine start. Wait for 20 mins for CBD to kick in, and if no results you can repeat the dose again.

Cbd is completely safe and there has never been a case of oil overdose. A higher dose can make you feel sleepy and drowsy, and that’s where you know it is too much for you.

CBD oil for Migraines: Our Picks

Our online store mostly carries high-quality CBD oil for pets, however, we have a good selection of CBD for you as well.

Calm CBD Spray. It is a very convenient and easy solution for on-the-go situation. Calm has 600mg of CBD and peppermint infused oil. Small and compact packaging that easily fits in your bag. Great and fast solution when first signs of migraine strike you in the middle of the day.

CBD Oil for You. This one is a powerful solution to all your stresses and daily pain. Joint pain, menstrual pain, migraines, or anxiety attacks – this CBD oil got it under control. Available in 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg and 3000mg strength.

Life with migraines can be tricky and uncomfortable. Such natural and safe treatment as CBD oil can make it more manageable and finally you’ll have your relief.

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them via Facebook or Instagram or our contact us page!