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With all the buzz around CBD products as a cat owner you might wonder: are there any possible benefits of CBD oil for my cats?

You might think your cat is pretty healthy and doesn’t need any extra support for his health. Let us guide you through these top 5 benefits of CBD oil for cats and maybe you will reconsider.

Benefit #1

It will be no surprise when we say cats are very moody animals. You cannot guess what mood they will be in from one moment to the next. As they are very sensitive animals, you will find that cats struggle with depression, stress, and anxiety more often then dogs. Such stress can be provoked by other animals in the house, lack of attention, health problems, a new person in the house or the death of a family member.

According to Medium “prolonged stress can lead to declined health, poor grooming habits, behavioural issues, poor eating habits, and many other issues”. CBD is an all-natural product that can balance hormone production and regulate mood and fears.

Benefit #2

Cats are mostly indoor animals which means being less active. When cats are less active, they tend to have problems with appetite over time. A decrease of appetite in cats might be caused by dental problems, pains, or mental disorders. Which again brings us to CBD. Naturally, it stimulates the appetite and balances their eating habits so your kitty can enjoy food again.

Benefit #3

Keeping CBD oil for cats in your house is always a good idea, especially in case of a sudden injury or pain. Any kind of pain such as joint pain, teeth pain, stomach pain, muscle pain – CBD can give quick relief for all of that. Just find your perfect dose and your kitty is all set.

Benefit #4

The immune system is part of the foundation for good health. Even being in the house all the time, cats still need the strong immune system protection at all times. CBD oil for cats provides that extra boost for their health and always helps to maintain a strong immune system. Just put a few drops of oil in their food in the morning and they are ready to start the day!

Well, after all its not a bad idea to have a bottle of CBD oil or even two hidden in your cabinet! Pawt4Paws has a great selection of CBD oil for pets of any size. Click here to shop high-quality CBD products designed especially for cats.