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It’s well known and even a little overplayed in the media that smoking marijuana gives you “the munchies”.  But what about CBD? Can I regulate my appetite with this natural oil?

Marijuana increases our appetite because of the high concentration of THC. When you take THC it binds to the CBD 1 receptor which is part of our endocannabinoid system and increases appetite.  And we know that isolate CBD oil does not contain THC and as a result cannot provoke extreme hunger.

What’s the deal with CBD?

Even though CBD oil won’t make you feel uncontrollable hunger and cause you to gain weight immediately it might have some good effects on your appetite. Using CBD oil for your appetite regulation can be a great idea for someone who struggles with constant anxiety or depression. People in these situations tend to be so anxious or even hyper in their daily life that it can directly affect their appetite. In which way?

For some it might be “stress hunger” and for others no appetite at all. People can be so stressed that they just have no desire to eat. Neither of these are healthy.

CBD Oil for Appetite When You’re Stressed or Sick

Lack of appetite is something normal when we get sick. It can be anything really, the typical flu or any other diseases like cancer. In most cases our body reacts in the same way – it does not feel hunger. But in order to heal we need nutritious food.  CBD oil has the healing properties to help overcome nausea and increase a healthy level of appetite so you can eat regularily and build  energy to fight the disease.

The same goes for mental health. There is significant evidence that CBD can be a potential treatment for anxiety disorders.  According to this study, CBD can treat mood swings and anxiety which has a direct effect on appetite. Because you feel less anxious your brain and body relax so you are more open to eating something.

No doubt, CBD oil can be a great addition to your everyday healthy routine and a game-changer for people who have appetite problems.

If you are not sure how long the CBD effects last check out this information in our previous post.


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