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Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. We live in a fast paced environment, dealing with constant stress, trauma, societal pressure, health concerns, and financial problems. But what is anxiety? Is there a way to get rid of it?

What Is Anxiety?

According to the Mayo Clinic, experiencing anxiety from time to time is a normal part of life. This is how our body reacts to everyday stress. However, constant excessive and intense feelings of fear, panic, or danger can interfere with daily life and create an unhealthy mental pattern. Anxiety can be sudden and uncontrollable. You may start to avoid places or situations to avoid anxiety attacks. In some cases anxiety results in a medical condition that requires treatment. 

Anxiety Treatment

There are many medications on the market claiming to treat, and even heal anxiety. When in reality, such treatments come with bad and long lasting side effects. They can also interfere with other medication you might already be taking. Many people report being emotionally numb and sleepy while on medication for anxiety. 

Are there any other options than traditional medication? The answer is yes!

CBD for Anxiety

 For many years CBD has been one of the best natural ways to treat anxiety, a troubled mind, panic attacks, and even depression. CBD is a cannabidiol – a natural compound found in cannabis sativa plants, which won’t make you “high” and has no side effects unlike most anti-anxiety medications.

CBD has been proven to help with such chronic conditions as arthritis, pain, Parkinson disease, appetite loss, insomnia, severe anxiety, and much more.

What is the right CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety? 

The CBD oil dosage for anxiety can vary for many reasons:

  • Your body weight
  • Current health condition
  • Your lifestyle
  • Severity of anxiety

In many cases we always recommend starting with the lowest dosage possible. When you take BriteLife CBD oil, your lowest dosage will be ¼ of a dropper two times a day. This helps the body to absorb CBD faster and gives maximum effect. If needed, you can gradually build up the dosage. You might want to go as high as one full dropper two times a day when your anxiety is extreme. 

BriteLife CBD offers four different strengths of oil for your health needs: 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 3000mg. 

 Bottom Line

Anxiety can be a real challenge for many people. Some might overcome it but others might need extra support to relieve the symptoms and there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help! CBD is an ideal natural remedy to relieve anxiety, improve your mental health, and aid you in living your best life! You deserve it!

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