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Understanding the difference between CBD isolate vs. full-spectrum CBD oil might be confusing for those new to cannabidiol.

In fact, much of the population still associate CBD with THC-laced cannabis. But the ‘high’ effect you get from the traditional pot is very different than the healing properties CBD is more commonly known for. Making an educated decision between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD is all about awareness. Read on to ensure you are investing in a product that is right for you and your desired outcome!

The Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum

Firstly, it should be known that CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD are both extracted from the cannabis plant. That being said – they are definitely different from one another. Full-spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC as well as flavonoids and terpenes. These added factors and ingredients are responsible for the scent and flavor of full-spectrum products, as well as how it makes you feel.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is further ‘distilled’ – if you will. It is refined to only contain true CBD in its purest most concentrated form. Thus offering specific results for specific needs. CBD isolate is used for a variety of health benefits including pain relief.  It is commonly associated with cancer care – as mentioned in our blog post CBD for Nausea: What You Need to Know

“A lot of what you will find in regard to research on CBD for nausea pertains to individuals who are going through cancer treatment. Specifically – chemotherapy treatment.”

That being said, there are many other benefits beyond this.

Who Can Benefit from Taking Full-Spectrum CBD?

One 2011 review in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that taking a combination of terpenes and cannabinoids may help with:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Fungal Infections

Why Choose CBD Isolate?

For those not interested in the way THC makes them feel; the pure form of CBD isolate may be their preferred choice. If you are new to CBD products – our Britelife hemp terpene oil is a great entry strength. It offers the perfect support for all your health needs and is 100% natural. In addition, this product is:

  • Non-GMO + Vegan
  • Contains C02 extracted hemp terpene with organic MTC oil
  • Is 3rd-party tested and THC Free

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