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It is not a secret that CBD for dogs is a great supplement for your pets healthy diet. There are so many benefits your dog can get from a few drops of oil. According to veterinary science research, CBD oil can relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis, kidney insufficiency and aggression issues. In addition, hemp terpene oil regulates stress level of your pet, which leads to less separation anxiety, better behavior and stronger immune system. Sounds great right? So can we use it as well? Is there any difference in the oil for you and for pets?

Sharing CBD Oil

Needless to say, CBD generally benefits in the same way to all species and our bodies have no problem metabolizing it. In most cases it is impossible to overdose. If you took it in a high dose then you and your dog might experience drowsiness or sleepiness and maybe an upset tummy. In most cases this is very rare and multiple tests have proven that it is not a toxic compound. CBD is a plant based compound extracted from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the hemp plant. However, Food and Drug Administration require stricter and more precise labeling for human products than for animals. This include any food, dietary and health supplements.

Proper Dosage

CBD for pets can have different flavoring added so it will be more appetizing for them to eat. Keep in mind that CBD for you and your pet might need different dosage depending on the severity and type of health condition. CBD dosage is usually based on body weight. See here for our easy to use dosage calculator that will give you the recommended dose in milligrams. The calculator is set on the mid to low side of dosing and this amount is best taken two times a day.

Even though the products are essentially interchangeable, it is best to give them what was designed specifically for them. The pet product will have the ideal amount of CBD that will fit your pets specific taste and needs.