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Let’s be honest …2020 has been riddled with stress and anxiety. From health scares to work-loss, working from home dynamics to taking on the role of a teacher. All this in addition to being a partner, parent, employee and possible business owner. It’s been a lot!

So we want to help make your New Year merry and bright with our CBD for stress reduction products. Helping to deliver all the natural ingredients to alleviate your stress, without the harsh side effects that often come with prescribed stress medication.

CBD for Stress – Finding the Calm Within the Storm

Is your stress mounting? Do you work in a high-stress environment? Do you have children who suffer from social anxiety? Pawt4Paws offers a variety of CBD for stress-filled situations, which come in different dosages depending on the need.

Anxiety is a ‘fight or flight’ response, which was once a useful adrenaline rush when we were running from real danger (think – Caveman era). But in modern times, this rush of the stress hormone known as cortisol is just a pesky reality we want to rid ourselves of.

Finding the calm within the stress-storm is entirely doable via CBD oil, which delivers a soothing way to combat stress that is entirely natural.

CBD – the Holistic Remedy to Combat Stress

Many people across Canada are putting down their prescription medication and turning to a more holistic approach to care for their health and wellbeing.  CBD for stress is one such remedy that alleviates stress-based symptoms

In fact, there are a variety of studies that show how CBD oil can be highly effective in treating anxiety, depression and stress, which are well worth the read.

Senior’s Stress – How CBD Oil Can Help During Covid-19

Stress in seniors is also on the rise due to the various restrictions put in place due to Covid-19. With mandates that separate them from their loved ones, it has become a difficult time for seniors battling the stress and anxiety associated with isolation.

We discussed the helpful nature of our products, as it relates to seniors, in our blog ‘Life-Changing Benefits of CBD Oil for Seniors’. Stating that it doesn’t matter how old you are, don’t let health problems get in the way of your life. If there is an older grandparent, parent or any older person you know, go and spend some time with them. Value every precious moment and support seniors.  CBD can make a difference in their health, but our constant support can make a big difference in their lives.

Whether you know senior battling stress and anxiety, your pet, or you yourself would like to find some relief for the coming year – we can help!

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