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Dealing with Separation Anxiety: CBD for Pets

When we think of our pets it generates a big smile on our faces as we absolutely love them. In return we receive tons of love from our little friends as well. However, sometimes you might walk into your house and see a totally different picture: little scratches on the walls, your neighbors complaints of uncontrolled barking and howling or simply your dog is just looking sad. In this case your little friend may be suffering with separation anxiety which is very common and might need treatment with CBD for pets.

This type of disorder is affecting your pets life and a lot of dog owners might not even notice or misdiagnose the symptoms. So you as a responsible owner want to help them live their full life and enjoy it every day.

You can help your pup with CBD for dogs in order to treat their health and mood.  Let’s take a closer look at what symptoms your dog might experience if they struggle with separation anxiety. Here are some of them.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Pets

  • Your pup might follow you everywhere when you’re back home after a long day out
  • Excessive crying or howling, barking when your dog realizes you’re going somewhere
  • Destructive behavior. Which is excessive energy, excitement,”inner pup” behavior
  • Dog is restless, damages and scratches the walls, windows or try’s to dig at a door
  • Vomiting
  • Panting or drooling

Why CBD for Dogs with Separation Anxiety is worth it?

First thing you have to understand about CBD for pets is that it doesn’t get your dog high, but relaxes them. It relaxes them because Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring ingredient that helps to de-stress the body. CBD oil is a great choice for separation anxiety in pets if you are really looking for something natural or not invasive for their health. Many vets recommend CBD for dogs as a supplement for their everyday diet which fights symptoms of allergies, stress, anxiety, seizures, digestive system issues and even cancer. If you want to know more about why CBD oil works so well you can check out our previous post.

Always make sure your CBD oil is free from any pesticides or herbicides. Mental health of our pets is very important for their daily happy life, interaction with their master and body functionality. So let’s keep them safe and happy.