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Not all CBD oil is created equal when it comes to dosing and the size of your dog. In fact, that is exactly why Pawt4Paws carries a wide range of CBD oil for dogs, customizing each full dropper to the actual size of your pet. This includes:

  • CBD oil for small dogs
  • CBD for medium dogs
  • CBD for large dogs
  • CBD for giant dogs

Just like the Goldilocks story goes, finding that “just right” size is important for your pet’s health and comfort. We’re here to help you with that while ensuring you understand that size matters when purchasing cannabidiol for your pet.

Bigger Dogs Need Added Health Support


As mentioned on our CBD for large dogs page…

“Bigger dogs need extra health support and that’s where this CBD oil comes into play! A great regular supplement to promote health and wellbeing, reduce anxiety, stress, inflammation, severe arthritis pain, joint pain, stimulate appetite and so much more!”

The above comes in an 800mg dropper, delivering just the right amount of CBD oil for large dogs. It is made with organic MCT coconut oil to help effectively absorb the CBD. Both the MCT organic coconut oil and CBD are unscented and have a mild flavor that your pet will enjoy. More importantly, it will help them live a pain-free, happy and healthy life!

What the Research Shows About CBD for Large Dogs

Pain in Dogs

A study conducted by Cornell University showed that dogs taking CBD for arthritis were more active, and also displayed signs of decreased pain.

Pain is actually one of the most researched effects of CBD in both humans as well as animals. It holds many benefits of preventing or decreasing pain, without the side effects that traditional medications often come with. This is exactly why a lot of pet owners are turning to CBD as an alternative treatment.

Inflammation in Dogs

Large dogs are also notorious for inflammation concerns. Research has shown that CBD as an anti-inflammatory for joint problems in dogs was recognized as also helping with:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Sprains
  • Ligament Concerns

Seizures in Dogs

Colorado State University conducted a study on CBD as a treatment for epilepsy in dogs and found that 89% of those given CBD had a reduction in seizures.

Seeing the positive results of CBD as it pertains to large dogs has been promising. This is why many dog owners find it worth investing in, help their pup thrive while improving their health and mobility too!

But Wait – Will My Dog Get Addicted to CBD?

A common question we get asked includes: “is CBD addictive to my pet? And the answer is – no, it’s not. But does it work? Yes!

“No matter what kind of health problem your pet is dealing with, you can always ask your vet about CBD and how it can be beneficial for your pet’s daily life.”

“…there no evidence CBD can be addictive in pets or humans. In fact, the WHO mentions in one of their reports that ‘CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

Time and time again, our pet owners have had great success when it comes to helping their pets thrive – simply by adding CBD to their pet’s diet and daily routine. Whether managing their pet’s anxiety as they transition into another home, or easing pain due to aging or other ailments – CBD has provided relief!

Curious to know more about CBD for your pet? Check out our recent blog regarding Pet Healthcare. Not only does it discuss the difference between CBD and antibiotics, but also the risks and benefits, offering helpful advice to guide you in your buying decisions.

We want to ensure the health of your pet is at the forefront of such decisions. We would be happy to discuss or answer any questions you might have via email, phone 1-888-898- 9080,  FacebookInstagram or visit our contact us page.

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