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In many cultures good-looking hair is a sign of beauty, health and even power. For others, hair is a perfect way to express their personality and show its creative side. What we can say for sure is that our hair is a gift from nature and we want it to be as healthy and beautiful as possible.

CBD is one of the many effective natural treatments available to strengthen hair, nourish it, and even help to prevent hair loss. 

CBD for Hair Loss: What we Know

Hair loss issues are more common than you probably think. Regular stress, severe weather conditions, unhealthy diet plus bad genes are affecting our hair and its growth.

No matter the reason, there is a natural solution – CBD oil. Yes! CBD is a perfect plant-based product to take care of our body and mind. In this article we put together a short list of CBD benefits and how it can help you to grow the hair of your dreams!

Benefits for Your Body

CBD speeds up hair growth. CBD seals in the goodness of omega fatty acids into your hair and keeps it moist and nourished. Gently massage a few drops of CBD oil into your scalp and leave it for 20-30 mins before washing it out. This will help to increase blood circulation in your scalp and encourage hair to grow faster and stronger.  

CBD fights dandruff and inflammation. Another reason why your hair is falling out might be inflammation and dermatitis of the scalp. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory compound and can easily fight bacteria, fungus and, dry itchy skin. It is great for relieving the inflammation of your skin, calming it down and leaving it healthy. 

Benefits for Your Mind

Reduces stress and anxiety. Sometimes hair loss is not triggered by outside conditions, but by a simple stress or long lasting anxiety. Hair loss can be a clear indicator of inner body exhaustion. CBD has powerful anti-anxiety and anti-stress benefits. If taken regularly, CBD balances stress levels in the body and creates a feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

With our Britelife CBD oil collection you can choose CBD strength that fits your lifestyle. From mild to strong, we have you covered.

Prevents hair damage. As we mentioned before CBD is full of fatty acids that improve hair condition. Hair is made of protein which is why many doctors recommend to use a protein treatment make it strong and prevent damage. Those CBD fatty acids are the building blocks of protein and if used regularly, will have the power to fortify your hair. It is not enough just to take care of the scalp and encourage hair to grow. You need to take good care of the hair you already have! That’s why damage prevention treatment is a must.

There is no better medicine than natural remedies and its healing properties. CBD for hair loss is getting more and more attention because of its effectiveness and gentle care.

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