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As many of us are aware – a dry cold climate can really wreak havoc on your skin. Feeling chapped or looking noticeable dry? CBD for dry skin can help soothe your skin quickly, helping you find relief during the winter.

CBD for Dry Skin

All manner of skin concerns can arise during the winter months. From dry and itchy skin to inflammation and eczema, psoriasis to rosacea. These skin conditions can definitely worsen in cold dry weather, and reducing inflammation is key to helping address it. CBD for dry skin contains anti-inflammatory agents, which are excellent at addressing dry skin concerns. It both calms the irritations, as well as tackles the inflammation.

Research has shown that CBD can be an extremely effective treatment for multiple conditions, including dry skin. Topical CBD products can quickly absorb into the dermal and subdermal skin layers, soothing your skin and solving the issue where it is most problematic.

What Do We Offer?

CBD Therapeutic Muscle Cream great for both joint pain and sore muscles, as well as helping to reduce inflammation and increase everyday moisturizer. It contains a natural blend of CBD, peppermint oil, essential oils and vitamins that will relax tense muscles, gently heal deep scars, and calms allergic skin irritations.

CBD Anti-Aging Face Cream is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. These ingredients block the skin from free radical damage, leaving your face with a radiant youthful glow.

Our Revive Collection Combo of Britelife products is an excellent combination of CBD products for dry skin. You will enjoy the relaxation of our oil, one each of our bath bombs and our therapeutic joint and muscle cream. All of our best products for your dry winter skin, combined together for a lower price!

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