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CBD for diabetes, as with cancer and many other diseases, is still an emerging science. However, there has been a variety of research on CBD for diabetes. Which begs the question: can CBD help to treat it? Research says – yes!

The use of CBD for diabetes has been shown to lessen symptoms and ease the effects. Which we discuss in this blog, providing useful information to help diabetics better understand how CBD might benefit them.

The Human Studies of CBD for Diabetes

Human studies have delved into whether a diabetic person’s insulin levels are changed when using CBD. As well, they looked at the impact of inflammation and complications, revealing how and why CBD may help.

In these studies, CBD was shown to improve…

  • Prevention
  • Inflammation
  • Pain

Although type 1 and 2 diabetes are different in how they are treated, and the reasons one or the other may appear; the same concerns and risks remain in both surrounding blood glucose levels.

What is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Our bodies naturally produce insulin via our pancreas to help manage blood glucose levels. With a normal functioning pancreas, your body will use glucose as energy. It will even store some as an energy reserve.

Five percent of the population has type 1 diabetes, which means pretty much no insulin being produced in their bodies. In contrast, a much higher percentage of the population has type 2 diabetes.  However, this type tends to be more diet related. Type 2 diabetes linked to insulin resistance rather than the inability to produce insulin, making it a more manageable, and even curable form of diabetes.

CBD for Diabetes: How Can it Help?

Prevention – a study on how CBD might help prevent diabetes was posted in the journal Autoimmunity. It found diabetic mice, not associated with obesity, had a much lower risk of developing diabetes if treated with CBD. An interesting read to say the least!

Inflammation – the insulin resistance boosts inflammation levels in the body. As such, CBD as an anti-inflammatory treatment seems to work well within the diabetic community.

In fact, a study on how inflammation was triggered by high glucose levels consistently appeared to show positive effects with the help of CBD. Because of this, diabetics minimized the damage created to the walls of their blood vessels, along with other health-related benefits brought about by minimizing inflammation.

For now, insulin remains the leading treatment to manage diabetes overall. It is a life-saving medicine for both type 1 as well as type 2 diabetics. This, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise can ensure a long and healthy life, making diabetes a manageable disease many are championing daily!

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