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Dealing with chronic pain is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting for those who endure it. And there are many reasons why someone might suffer from chronic pain – including arthritis.

Many sufferers are turning to CBD for arthritis as a means to manage their pain and additional symptoms. To this end, Pawt4Paws has been helping our customers with this across Canada, providing them with 3rd party tested CBD products that we are proud of!

Canadian CBD for Arthritis: Your Best Choice for Dealing with Chronic Pain

In our recent blog regarding Canadian CBD oil, we discussed how “CBD oil in Canada has become well-known for its many health benefits, as well as its high level of quality control as a third-party tested product. Pawt4PAws and BriteLife are proud to pass along these benefits and quality to our customers.”

From safety to quality, Canadian CBD is a choice in delivering both.

Does CBD for Arthritis Work?

The simple answer is – yes! Many people are turning to CBD for arthritis for its pain-relieving properties, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.

In addition, other benefits include:

  • Sleep improvement
  • Anxiety relief

Is CBD Safe to Use for Arthritis

Various studies have shown the effectiveness and safety of CBD for arthritis. It’s an article worth reading to alleviate any concern you might have.

Overall, the answer is yes. This natural product has shown little to no side-effects for those suffering from inflammation-related issues and those dealing with chronic pain.

How Much CBD Should I Take When Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Everyone is different and a health practitioner familiar with CBD products will be able to best answer that for you.

At Pawt4Paws, we offer a high-quality strain of CBD for arthritis called Britelife CBD Oil. This is a natural supplement that can help to improve your general wellbeing, alleviate anxiety, manage inflammation and address chronic pain overall.

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