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The proper CBD dosage for dogs and cats can make all the difference in the efficiency of this natural medication. Just like a regular over the counter drug, CBD needs to be given in the correct amount to work as desired. We’ve seen a lot of people discredit CBD entirely due to it “not working”. After discussing a proper dose, these people usually change their minds.

What Are You Treating For?

First, you need to decide what you’re treating for.
If you’re treating for a trigger like anxiety induced from car rides, fireworks, loud noises, storms, etc., you should give your pet their CBD 30-60 minutes before the trigger occurs. This will allow them time to absorb the CBD before the trigger pushes them over their anxiety threshold. This is important to understand for pet parents of any kind. Once your pet is triggered, it is very difficult to bring them back with out removing the trigger entirely. For things like storms or fireworks, it’s impossible to remove the trigger. Being able to prevent the anxiety before it occurs is how the CBD will be effective.

When you’re treating for an ailment (arthritis, epilepsy, cancer treatment support, diabetes support, daily anxiety, etc.), you need to give your pet a regular dosage. This will ensure that your pet has 24hr coverage for whatever is causing them discomfort.

Once you identify what you’re treating for, you’ll be able to find the proper dosage for your pet.

What Is The Proper CBD Dosage For Dogs and Cats?

If you’re treating for an trigger, we recommend a higher dose than for treating an ailment. As mentioned before, you don’t want your pet to break their threshold. In order to prevent this, we recommend 1.5 droppers of CBD 30-60 minutes before the trigger. If while still experiencing a trigger and your pet continues to exhibit anxious behaviors give them another 0.5 dropper. It will take time to find the dose that works for your pet, which can be frustrating, but once you’re able to find the right dose you won’t look back.Dosage Chart Based on Mg Strength and Weight Of Pet

When treating for an ailment, we highly recommend using our CBD dosage chart. This calculator uses your pet’s weight to find a dosage that is correct for their size. However, we recognize that a small dog may experience a big issue and need a larger dose. In this case, give your pet the suggested dose and wait 3-4 days before increasing if need be. We recommend increasing by a 0.25 each time you need to increase.



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