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CBD Carrier oils is a topic that I’ve overlooked and I don’t see it talked about alot. When we started deciding how we were going to have our Pawt4Paws CBD oil manufactured, I started look into it in more depth. Hemp seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) coconut oil. Carrier oils used for CBD in tinctures are different based on each company. How does the consumer know what the different options do differently? How does it affect the absorption? Is there a different in taste?

Hemp seed oil, due to the fact that it comes from the same plant would be a common choice. Science tells us something different. CBD is fat soluble, so an oil with a high fat content is going to be the best choice as the carrier for the CBD. Hemp seed oil contains approximately 11% saturated fat while, MCT coconut oil contains approximately 90% saturated fat. This optimizes the amount that the body is able to use of the CBD which is the active compound. Organic MCT coconut oil also has a very mild and an enjoyable taste.

The body can absorb lipids through the intestinal walls rather than passing through the entire digestive system. CBD’s bioavailability is maximized when taken with MCT coconut oil, this type of absorption is transferred using the intestinal lymphatic pathway. A lipid that can be absorbed  like this is what makes MCT Coconut oil so effective.

Lymphatic transport is so important when we are looking at CBD absorption because we want it to bypass being broken down by the liver. The liver breaks down CBD into small molecules and it becomes virtually ineffective for therapeutic and pain-relieving needs.

I realise that this is maybe more then some of us want to know. Basically, if we break it down it looks like this. From a scientific and molecular view, the high saturated fat content of MCT coconut oil gives the maximum absorption rate of CBD. It absorbs into the body’s cells, by allowing it to pass directly through the intestinal wall instead  bypassing the liver.

I’m not saying that other carrier oils used for CBD don’t work, they work fine. Although, this may be a great time to check your CBD labels and try Pawt4Paws CBD Products for your pet. Our labeled products are 100% pure and organic MCT coconut oil to give your pet the best CBD absorption we can provide.