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Does CBD and de-stressing your pet go hand in hand? When I think about relationships that I am in, I think about how much I love them and value them. I would do anything that I can for them based on the depth of that relationship. When I think about the other side of the coin with these same relationships it doesn’t take long to remember that these same relationships cause me stress too.

Do we stress our pets out? How would we stress our pets out? I started to think about this as we have been working with Harper and getting to know her. When I come running down the stairs some mornings in a mad dash and Harper is laying on her bed.  If I approach her and go to pet her, she lowers her head and I can see that she feels nervous.This is a common communicating response in a lot of pets.  A dominate approach creates a natural feeling for them and this is their natural response.

I believe that CBD can and does help calm them. Thinking about if I am already on edge and someone does something that stresses me. It is a common response to feel more uncomfortable, it magnifies the feeling. If they aren’t feeling anxious and they aren’t on edge because CBD lowers anxiety and stress they will respond differently.

During a previous blog post called “Communicating with our dogs” we talked about how our dogs communicate with us and that we can learn to understand them. There is a trigger with Harper that I have come to understand her with. It is when any of us lean over her to pet her. Our intention is the sweetest and we only want to love her, she sees it different. She feels the we are over her and causes her stress. She will either growl, turn and walk away or freeze and put her tail between her legs.

I am certain that this simple action can set her off for a little while until something changes her attention. When Harper gets stressed by us or we see her acting uncomfortable we will often give her a CBD treat. Not only does it change her focus but it also calms her down over the next short bit.

Certainly, some dogs just don’t seem to be bothered by much. It appears that they can be startled or scared and within an instant wag their tail and lick you. There are many dogs that due to their history or their disposition don’t have this same strength.

We ran out of CBD oil for the first time in a long time and I had missed getting some and I watched Harper over those few days. She started scratching herself again more regularly, she’s growled more in those uncomfortable situations. She has not been as comfortable to be close and have us in her space. For me its been a time where I can see the effects of CBD on her and how CBD and de-stressing your pet do go hand in hand.