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Let’s face it, CBD acne products can get expensive. And when you’ve tried everything for your skin and never get the results you want, it can get frustrating. As someone who struggled with severe cystic acne my whole life, I empathize deeply with you. Having bad acne isn’t just painful, it breaks down your confidence and leaves you feeling… well, not so great. There are so many skin care brands out there claiming to cure you from acne, rather than helping you to treat it. We’re here to help you reduce the appearance of acne and diminish the frequency of break outs!

How Does CBD Help Acne?

When we break out, it’s usually a response to a foreign body causing irritation in our pores. Typically our reaction to this is to pick at the blemishes in hopes that popping them will make them go away – not true! Picking leads to scars and pock marks. I learned a hack years ago when dealing with an inflamed blemish by cutting an Advil liqui-gel capsule and putting the goo from the inside on the blemish. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked like a charm. The same idea goes for applying CBD on your skin! CBD is a powerful and extremely effective anti-inflammatory – just like Advil minus the negative side effects. CBD reduces inflammation and provides relief for any discomfort you may be experiencing in relation to your acne.

How Do I Make CBD Acne Products At Home?

There’s a couple ways to make CBD products tailored for acne. First, purchasing any strength CBD and applying it straight on your blemish works great! If you’re looking for something catered to everyday wear, adding in a few drops of your CBD oil to your daily moisturizer helps reduce inflammation, prevent premature wrinkles, and provides double the moisture! Lastly, making a DIY exfoliator using CBD will help prevent future break outs, deep clean your pores, and reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots. You can find a few of our favorite DIY exfoliants here! Follow the recipes provided in that link and then add a dropper or two of CBD oil into the mix.

Acne Isn’t The End Of The World

To wrap things up, I want to remind you that acne is normal and is something that everyone has struggled with at one point or another. While it can be a confidence shredder, don’t let it stop you from doing things you love. Hopefully you can find some relief with CBD for your skin!