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Cat grooming plays an important part in your feline’s daily life. Whether preening themselves or having you oversee some of their necessary grooming; a clean cat is often a content cat overall.

Although some pet parents might consider their cat to be a self-cleaning ‘organism’, there are additional ways you can help keep your cat clean. By helping take additional steps to aid in your cat’s grooming, it can ensure their eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and fur are properly maintained.

If you would like to up your cat grooming game, these tips for a well-preened pet will help!

Cat Grooming for a Finicky Feline

There are some cats who will not go down without a fight – as it pertains to cat grooming. This is when a professional will need to be called on to help. Such professionals can offer the tools and calming skills that will help get the job done without incident.

Alternately, calming your cat with CBD oils or treats can also help in the process. It will assist in minimizing the stress they might feel getting bathed or having their nails cut, among other grooming assistance you choose for your cat.

Ways You Can Groom a Calm Your Cat

If you have a fairly calm cat, they will likely allow you to groom them without too much fuss. Especially if you begin the process early in their life, making it a part of a normal and expected routine. Cats are known to be creatures of habits, so creating healthy habits early will ensure a well-behaved, clean and calm cat throughout their lifespan.

How to Bathe a Cat

Your cat is well-equipped to preen themselves and create their own ‘spa-like experience, courtesy of their furry little tongues. However, if your cat is extra dirty, sticky, or smelly – giving them a bath will likely be a necessary step in re-establishing clean fur. Not quite sure how to bathe a cat? Find out how here.

Brushing Your Cat – an Essential to Cat Grooming

Brushing your cat is cat grooming 101. Not only does it tend to be relaxing for pets, it also helps to remove excess hair and dirt from their coat. Brushing their fur a few times a month will keep their skin healthy and create a bonding experience for you and your cat as well.

Give Your Cat a ‘Manicure’

Your cat’s paws and claws play an imperative part in their health. From scratching to climbing, walking to pawing; cats use their paws and claws for everything throughout their day-to-day life. As such, it is important to help keep their claws in good condition and check their paws for any wounds. If you are not comfortable with such cat grooming – a professional can help with this too.

Be Sure to Care for Your Cats Teeth

As mentioned in our blog post: ‘Cat Not Eating? Potential Reasons Why & How to Help’:

“Poor Dental Health  …is also a painful reality for cats and can lead to your cat not eating. Whether enduring an abscess or other such painful oral health issues, your cat may grow resistant to eating as its mouth grows increasingly uncomfortable. This is something your vet will need to address to find relief for your cat”

Keeping up with your cat’s oral health will ensure they live a long and healthy life without pain or discomfort. Seeking additional ways to help your cat lead a vibrant, pain-free, and calm life? Pawt4Paws offers a variety of CBD products for cats, dogs, and humans alike.

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