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Many pet parents enjoy taking their pups out with them on leisure activities. As well, a growing number are now registering their dogs as a support pet, infiltrating them into day-to-day experiences too. Which makes ‘car safety tips for dogs’ important knowledge to have, keeping all of those within a vehicle safe from potential harm.

Pawt4Paws is going a little ‘off script’ in order to help our dog-loving community further their safety measures for their furry friends. We want everyone to arrive safely at their destination of choice.

Just as we seek to understandably protect our human babies, our fur-babies should also be considered for car safety. We’re here to help create understanding surrounding that!

A Secure Dog Helps to Keep Everyone’s Safety in Mind

Securing a dog that is in a vehicle is one of the car safety tips for dogs that is worth mentioning.

Securing a dog in a vehicle is important for a variety of reasons.

  • Prevention of Distracted Driving. When it comes to a pet roaming freely in a vehicle, they can be an unsafe distraction. Whether running about, licking the driver, sitting on a driver’s lap – or a number of other normal dog-like activities that are fully acceptable at home, this type of behavior in a vehicle simply isn’t safe.
  • Avoiding Collision Concerns. In the worst case scenario, a dog that is loose in a vehicle can easily be ejected from a car upon collision. This can cause serious injury or death. Although we clearly hope for the best each and every time we get behind the wheel; there is a reason they are called “accidents”. So cautionary measures are simply in the best interest of your pet.
  • Escape or Injury. If a collision occurs, a dog might put a rescue worker at risk if they are scared and trying to protect their owner if they are not secured. In addition, they can jump out of an open window.

When it comes to car safety tips for dogs – prevention may truly be the best tip of all.

How To Secure Your Dog in the Car

Now that we have uncovered reasons why an unsecured dog could pose concerns in a vehicle, knowing how to secure your dog in the car is the next step to safety.

Dog Crate

A dog kennel or crate is an excellent way for you to manage your dog’s car safety. They are spacious enough to allow your dog the ability to move about, while being secure and enclosed. Your dog is also likely use to their create from sleeping, so it is a comfortable space they are familiar with.

Dog crates provide protection from flying objects, as well as can be a kind of ‘roll cage’ if an accident does occur. Soft-sided travel crates can also be used – although they obviously don’t offer the same level of protection as the hard-sided option.

Safety Harnesses

Seatbelts and safety harnesses for dogs provide a strap that connects to a car’s seatbelt system. This secures your dog much like a car seat would, but in a pet-friendly way.

Booster Seat

Yes, there are actually dog booster seats for smaller dogs. And a dog car seat that clicks into your car’s existing seat-belt is a great way to help small dogs stay safe in your vehicle, while enjoying a car ride too!

Dog Barrier Gate

Dog barriers are perhaps the most popular method for pet parents and car safety for dogs. Especially when it comes to larger dogs. Dog barrier gates deliver an easy way to take your dog out. It gives them plenty of space to safely roam in the back of your vehicle.

At Pawt4Paws, we are all about delivering healthy ways to extend and enhance the life of pets. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety and could benefit from one of our CBD products for dogs to help them manage that, or something as simple as these ‘Car Safety Tips for Dogs’ were of benefit to you – we’re happy to help!

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