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Here you are after a long day at work, finally going to your comfortable cozy bed, you turn the lights off and…you can’t sleep! It is so frustrating when you are awake in the middle of the night while other people are having their well deserved rest. You try to relax and close your eyes, but nothing seems working. Maybe there is a solution for you out there. What if we say that CBD can improve your sleep? Let’s check this out.

Why Do I have Sleeping Problems?

According to research at the University of British Columbia, 30 percent of Canadians suffer from insomnia every night. Moreover, it seems like women are more likely to have problems with sleep than men. Biologically women face many different and unique circumstances that might affect her sleep such as, pregnancy, menopause or periods. For the rest who have sleep disorders, some of the main reasons can be, chronic stress, constant worrying, depression, physical pain, late night caffeine or food or an uncomfortable bed.

You might want to take a closer look at your lifestyle before running directly to a doctor.

CBD for Sleep: Should I Give It A Try?

If insomnia is seriously affecting your quality of life then maybe you should consider CBD to improve sleep. It is proven that CBD oil can ease the symptoms of many conditions without heavy medication. Hemp extracted oil helps fight anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic joint pain, skin problems and even seizure disorders.

Plus, its natural and doesn’t contain any chemical additives. So, can CBD improve sleep?  Taken at least an hour before bed it could significantly improve insomnia and provide a healthy restful sleep. More than that, you can share CBD with your pet!

If you are hoping to finally get a good night sleep, you might want to check out our store for CBD oil.