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Our furry friends are very sensitive to noises. Dog senses are more developed than human and any noise than can be okay for us might provoke noise anxiety to our pets. According to NY Times at lease 40% of dogs experience noise anxiety and most often in the summer.

Fireworks, loud gatherings of hundreds of people, thunderstorms are all triggers for our pet’s anxiety. The first two we can avoid without a problem, thunderstorms are not something we can control.

Dog Reaction to Thunderstorms

What reactions to expect when your dog is scared of thunder? Here are some hints:

  • A dog can hurl itself through a glass window
  • Destroys furniture
  • Not wanting to go outside after a storm has passed
  • Soiling carpets
  • Looks scared even of not-so-loud noises
  • Extreme restlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Body posture is low to the ground

Even if you think this type of dog fear is nothing and will go away right after a storm is gone, for the dog, it might be a huge psychological problem. So how to calm a dog down during a thunderstorm?

Similar to separation anxiety in dogs, fear of thunderstorms can be relieved by natural remedies like CBD. In contrast to anti-anxiety drugs, CBD oil can calm a dog during a thunderstorm without harmful side effects. A few drops of CBD can relax your pup and relieve his noise anxiety any time he needs it. You cannot overdose with CBD, it’s natural and cannot intoxicate your dog. Depending on the dogs size, you can use this CBD dosage chart to navigate how much oil to give to your pet.

There is a couple more thing you can do in addition to natural treatment. Try to provide your dog with a hiding place so he can hide there anytime he feels scared. Make sure to close all windows and doors during thunderstorms as that will reduce the noise from the outside. Turn off the TV, or any music to not make your pup even more anxious. Some vets recommend talking to your dog to comfort him in a calm manner (act like everything is ok and carry on with the day). So your pet won’t feel like something horrible is happening and will relax faster.

And remember, just be there for your friend and don’t punish him for things he cannot understand.


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