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You never want to hear from your vet that your dog has cancer. This disease affects more than 10,000 dogs in North America every year. Therefore, as a pet owner, you might want to ease his pain and help your dog fight the tumor.

What is CBD and Why You Should Consider It?

In the alternative medicine world, CBD treatment for bone cancer in dogs is not new. But before getting into that, let’s find out what CBD actually is.

Cannabidiol or simply CBD is a natural ingredient derived from a hemp plant. There is a lot of misinformation and myth surrounding CBD, such as it is the same as THC which makes you high. However, when CBD is extracted from a plant, it has no THC and is very safe to use for both animals and humans.

In our previous post What makes CBD work so well we mentioned that CBD is becoming a valuable replacement option for many dogs and cats on medication. Due to its natural healing benefits CBD oil can relieve pain, strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help fight bone cancer in dogs.

CBD Oil May Shrink Tumors

Let’s face this first, CBD or any other regular pharmaceutical medications cannot cure cancer. Nevertheless, CBD oil can offer tremendous help for dogs with bone cancer.  CBD can improve their quality of life and relieve some of their tremendous pain.

According to this recent research, cannabinoids can inhibit the growth of harmful cells and shrink the tumor size in dogs.

Bone cancer can cause painful discomfort for animals, seizures, loss of appetite and joint pain. CBD oil is a great natural remedy to counteract these negative symptoms and to improve the health of your dog. It also greatly reduces inflammation.

CBD comes in many product forms like oils, creams, natural tasty pet treats and others. Visit our online store and see which one your furry friend will like the most.

How Much CBD to Give My Dog?

If your dog is already on other medication, we suggest you to read this article which explains CBD drug interaction.

The ideal dose will depend on three important measurements: number of milligrams in one dose, the concentration of CBD in the bottle, and your dogs weight.

For easy dosing we created an online CBD dosage calculator.

Here is our CBD online calculator, where you can check how many mg of CBD oil your dog will need according to its weight. And here is our Dropper CBD chart to check on the perfect combination between quantity and strength of CBD in the Dropper. You can reach us by phone 1-888-898-9080 or and we can help you deal with your dogs situation.

Bone cancer in dogs is not an easy experience. We encourage you to speak with your veterinarian and see if CBD would be an option for your pup.