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Getting a new fur baby is very exciting and can be overwhelming as well. Even if you have some dog-related experience you still might need a little advice and time for bonding with your new puppy. For a new puppy owner (like you!) we have some helpful tips to lead you through this bonding period.

Tip #1. Patience

Patience is the first thing to remember every time your puppy is acting weird, messy or even scared. You cannot be friends overnight and it can take a few weeks or even months to bond with your new friend. Keep in mind, each dog has its own personality and the same as us, humans, they need time to adapt to a new environment.

While you are bonding with a puppy, patience is key. Give him time to adjust to new smells, sounds and sights. Do your best to be calm and positive.

Tip #2. Give Him His Own Place

Even though your pup is still a kiddo, he needs his place or territory to feel safe and comfortable. Set up a warm bed for him, a place for his food and water and provide a few comfy toys.

Tip #3. Schedule

Dogs need to have a routine. The schedule will keep him busy, hungry, and sleepy. This is exactly what you need for a young pup to stay healthy and active. Through a consistent schedule, a new puppy will get used to the family routine faster. As a result, he will know when his feeding time is and when it is time for rest. Here are a few simple tasks to include in their daily routine:

  • Going to bed at the same time every night
  • Going outside for a walk at the same time every day
  • Having food at the same time every day

Tip #4. Set the Rules

When it comes to bonding with a puppy, rules are the base. If you have other family members in the house, you might want to agree on what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. When everyone in the house is on the same page than rules will be clear and most important – consistent. You don’t want to frustrate and confuse your pup with a different rule every day.

Also, make sure your puppy has a reward every time he or she did well.

Tip #5. Play and Relax Together

Now the fun part. After all, when you decided to have a puppy it means you have committed to a friend. So, go ahead and spend time together as much as possible (according to the schedule!). Play together and be active. Your little friend needs attention and physical activity every day to stay healthy and keep developing. And of course, after a day full of fun you both might want to relax.

Spend some quality time together when you are chilling on a couch reading or watching a movie. Build that bond strong!

Tip #6. Training and Exercising

If you think playing and having fun outdoors is the same as exercising you are wrong. Training should have a special place in the puppy’s daily routine. By training and exercising you build his character, stamina and discipline. No need to be super strict with the pup, but simple tricks like sit, stay, shake, or lie down will do. Here the Doggiebuddy has 52 tricks to teach you dog in case you don’t know where to start.

Tip #7. Trust and Love

Bonding with a puppy is no easy task at first. The more time you are spending together the more attached to each other you become. Unconditional love and trust are what you can give to a new member of the family. Embrace your puppy’s personality and trust in him no matter what, and in return, you’ll receive the most loyal friend ever!


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