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Best Pet Anxiety Medication

When your pet is in distress, knowing what the best pet anxiety medication is matters. Which Paawt4Paws would like to help you with, uncovering common questions and concerns pet owners have such as:

  • Pet Insurance in BC
  • Can a Vet Prescribe Anxiety Medication
  • What is a Good Anxiety Medicine for Dogs
  • Dog Anxiety and Medication
  • Best Pet Anxiety Medication

We are here to help …and happy to do so!

Pet Insurance in BC – Does Pet Insurance Cover Anxiety Meds?

Purchasing pet insurance in BC is an investment that can often pay off. And if your pet suffers from anxiety; understanding if pet insurance covers anxiety meds is clearly important.

Fetch is one such insurer that appears to cover such medication when it’s recommended by a vet to treat a new anxiety disorder. Pre-existing anxiety disorders are not covered.


Learn about British Columbia Pet Insurance here, or view a list of the top 10 pet insurance companies in Canada here.

Can a Vet Prescribe Anxiety Medication?

Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, located in Mission, BC – mentions that they are able to prescribe anxiety medication, which would indicate this is a common practice for vets in BC.

“Whatever the reason may be for your pet’s anxiety …veterinary professionals can assist you. For severe pet anxiety, an emergency vet may recommend prescription medication to help cope with stress. Even if you decide to buy a supplement over the counter to help your pet, make sure to discuss this with our vet before administering it.”

Discussing medications with your vet, including the holistic approach of CBD oils, is something we strongly encourage at Pawt4Paws. Although it is rare that CBD would have any cause for concern when utilizing it alongside another medications, we want all of our pet parents to always exercise caution when it comes to their fur-skinned family members.

What is a Good Anxiety Medicine for Dogs? offers a list of the most commonly prescribed medications used to treat dog anxiety, which include…

Our approach to what is considered a ‘good anxiety medicine for dogs’ is, of course, the holistic route. Our CBD oil for anxiety is one such product that our plethora or pet parents stands by, and we would be happy to assist you with in your buying decisions.

Dog Anxiety and Medication: Is My Dog Bored or Anxious?

We recently wrote a blog ‘Is My Dog Bored or Anxious’ stating…

…how can you tell the difference between anxiety and boredom? When a dog feels like they have no purpose, like mentioned before dogs need jobs, they start to manifest anxiety like behaviors. This can look like any of the following:

  • Constantly barking, howling, or whining
  • Obsessively cleaning paws, arms, or specific areas on the body repeatedly resulting in hot spots
  • Destructive behavior throughout the day or when left alone
  • Aggression
  • Sleeping all day

Additional symptoms of anxiety can include…

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Increase your breathing
  • Feelings of discomfort or restlessness
  • Inability to focus
  • Difficulty sleeping or having a restless sleep

Best Pet Anxiety Medication

At Pawt4Paws, we care about the wellbeing of pets. It is at the forefront or what we do and why we do it. For those seeking a holistic approach to their pet’s healthcare, our CBD oil for anxiety offers a wide range of dosages to address such concerns.

We understand that is can be alarming to see your pet display anxious behaviour. Our customer service centre will seek to answer any questions you may have on the matter, assisting you with products that can lend support when you need it most.

Be sure to connect with us via FacebookInstagram or our contact us page, and stay informed on our latest products, services, sales or promotions.


SIDE NOTE: Curious what is the best pet to help with anxiety? Here is a list of 5 of the best pets for anxiety. Although ANY pet makes for a good option, the ones suggested are the most feasible for a variety of reasons worth exploring!

  • CBD Oil for Large Dogs 1600mg

  • CBD Oil for Giant Dogs 2200mg

  • CBD Oil for Medium Dogs 1000mg

  • CBD Oil for Small Dogs 400mg