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Although many pet parents are often seeking ways to help their dog or cat lose weight; some actually have underweight pets. This makes knowing the best dog food for weight gain is – important.

Understandably, finding ways to help a family pet achieve the ideal body weight can be difficult. Whether your dog is a picky eater or has a sensitive stomach, supporting their overall health matters – and Pawt4Paws is here to help!

Reasons Why a Dog Might Be Underweight

Finding the best dog food for weight gain is only part of the solution. Other important matters to get to the bottom to are WHY your dog could be underweight.

Here are the most common reasons we found:

  1. Recovering from an illness or injury
  2. Recently rescued/adopted
  3. They are a picky eater
  4. Their breed is known for this
  5. Gastrointestinal concerns
  6. They suffer from anxiety or depression

Tuning into why your furry family member may be underweight will help you better address the problem. With special care and the right nutritional foods or supplements such as CBD, you can get your pet back to a healthy weight. In addition to supporting their overall health and happiness.

How to Tell if Your Dog is Underweight

Although it clearly obvious when some dogs are underweight; those with a lot of furs can hide their lack of substance well.

For short fur dogs – seeing their skeletal structure through their coat is a clear indication they are underweight. Seeing such things as their ribs, spine or pelvic bone are indicators that they may need added nutrients.

Other factors that may indicate your dog is underweight include:

  • Low energy, lethargy, and a general sad disposition
  • A dull coat or increased shedding
  • Constant licking of their ‘nether regions’ potentially indicating a parasite

Keep in mind that these are just some indicators. It is important for you to visit your vet to uncover whether your dog is truly underweight or if there are any medical concerns. They also will likely have some insight into the best dog food for weight gain.

How To Help Your Dog Achieve Optimal Weight

Once your vet has cleared your pet of any health issues, it is important to find ways to help your dog achieve optimal weight at home. A few considerations in order to do so include:

  • Adding more calories and protein to their diet. Perhaps choosing to make them plain rice and meat to avoid sensitive stomach reactions to dog food for a time.
  • Finding the best dog food for weight gain from a trusted source
  • Offering more frequent meals.
  • Providing wet food on top of dry food to make their meal more enticing.
  • Improving their quality of life, including positive interactions and playtime, outdoor activities, and overall attention.
  • Adding CBD oil or treats to your dog’s meals. This can help them alleviate potential anxiety or depression – amongst other concerns that they cannot communicate

Adding CBD to Create the Best Dog Food for Weight Gain

Adding CBD to your dog’s meal could make a massive difference to their appetite. If they are suffering from anxiety, depression, undiagnosed arthritis, or other ailments, there are ways to help.

Our Pawt4Paws CBD Oil addresses a variety of concerns and is well-worth trying. Our CBD Dog Treats include:

Wild Salmon CBD Dog Treats

Vegetarian CBD Dog Treats

Venison and Blueberries CBD Dog Treats

Those products will help to deliver a variety of CBD-based options for your pet, dependent on their preference. Finding the best dog food to help your dog gain weight is important. However, some dogs require the opposite – weight loss. Which we cover in our post: CBD for Obese Dogs

Is Your Dog Overweight?

How do you really know if your pet is obese and actually needs help? The first thing that you can do is to compare an ideal picture of the breed to your dog. Depending on the dog, it can be thinner or a moderate size but knowing the ideal look of the breed can help you better understand if your dog is overweight. Normally you shouldn’t see their rib cage, but you should be able to feel it when petting them. Most of the dogs should have a defined waist. That means tubular shapes are not ideal for a healthy dog. If you need extra help, contact your local veterinarian. The doctor will calculate their body condition score which is similar to our body mass index. CBD for obese dogs might be a great option to treat the condition. Check with your vet!

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