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Everyone is talking about CBD these days. Should you consider CBD products for your pet as well?

In our previous posts, we mentioned why CBD is not addictive and safe to use. However, you still might be lost in the variety of products available in the market. In this article, we want to talk about what options are out there and what CBD product is the best match for your pet.

Does Your Pet Really Need CBD?

There are lots of studies that prove that CBD is a great option for many dogs and cats struggling with mental health problems (anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity and depression), and also with physical pain (skin problems, arthritis, inflammation, seizures, inner organ pain, cancer-related pain, minor pain).

It’s not a wonder med but it is pretty amazing how CBD works and affects our bodies. Due to its natural origin, quality CBD products can be the first thing to reach for when your pet is having health troubles. According to Forbes, CBD can be easily added to an animals daily routine and help with such things as nausea control, appetite stimulation, heart health, allergy relief, and stress control.

Basically, even if your dog or cat has no significant health issues and good overall health, CBD can be a healthy supplement to help maintain their health or can be used as an occasional stress reliever.

CBD Products for pets

What to Look for In CBD Products for Pets?

Okay, so you have decided you want to buy CBD. But how do you know which one is a quality product? There are so many companies that claim their CBD is the best but slow down before you make any decisions. Let’s take a look at the first things to consider before spending money on any CBD product:

100% Natural Product and Additive-free. The product has to be free of pesticides, fungicides and solvents. The company must meet the requirements to be chemical-free.

Lab Tested. Yes, it is very important that your CBD is third party lab tested. How else would you know if it is safe to use, right?

Price. We always want to look for the best deal out there, but the price tag shouldn’t be the first thing you consider when buying CBD. Not always is the cheapest product the best. Good quality CBD is something worth paying. Moreover, cheaper options might contain harmful additives in its ingredient list.

Type of product. Choose your CBD products for pets wisely, as specific types of products are best for a specific use.

Let’s see below how to choose your perfect CBD product and be a happy satisfied customer.

Full Spectrum/Broad Spectrum/Isolate CBD

Those sound tricky. So what is the difference?

Full Spectrum. This means the product contains all phytochemicals naturally extracted from the hemp plant (which is CBD, terpenes, essential oil, trace cannabinoids and a small amount of THC). THC (even a small amount) can be toxic for an animal.

For a human, it is a non-psychoactive but can cause a false positive drug test result, plus it contains the lowest % of CBD in it.

Broad-Spectrum. Also includes all cannabinoids except THC. This product might be less available than full-spectrum or isolate and may carry a strong natural hemp flavour. This type of product typically has around 75% CBD.

CBD Isolate. Isolate is the purest form CBD which has no other ingredients from the plant. 99% pure CBD in it which is considered the most healing component for the body. There is no risk of getting intoxicated or “high” and safe for all types of CBD users. It’s Odorless and has no flavour so it can be perfect for you and a pet.

What to Choose?

There are different types of CBD products that meets different animal needs. Let’s discuss three main choices you might want to consider.

CBD Pet Treats

These are an easy CBD product for pets when you need an “on-the-go” option. Let’s say when your pet is anxious to be in the car. Or maybe you start your puppy on training and need something to reward him.

Treats can come in different flavours and in our store, they come in salmon, venison and vegetarian options. Keep in mind these treats cannot replace your pet’s meal, they are simply an easy way to give them CBD.

CBD products for pets


Topicals are great for the skin or muscle issues. There are creams, lotions and healing balms to pick from. All of them can be an amazing addition to your pet’s first aid kit, especially if you are camping with dogs. CBD creams will help to heal any cuts, burns, bug bites, skin irritation or muscle inflammation. Really a good product to have all year round.

CBD oil 

The most powerful of all CBD products is oil. Why? Even though it takes time to absorb in the bloodstream and possibly a couple more days to show the effects, this product will give a long-lasting benefit. Especially for pets with arthritis, seizures, heavy anxiety, stress and many other health conditions. Consistency can be a key.

If your pet is taking any other traditional medication CBD can lower unwanted side effects in a proper dosage.

cbd products for pets


In all, there are no better or worse CBD products out there. Everything will depend on the purpose and quality of CBD you want to buy. Once you find the perfect product, you will see for yourself how your pets life can improve and it is could be the best choice you ever made for your pup.


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