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Discussions on raw food diets for pets are everywhere, let’s dive into some benefits behind this hot trend for pets.


Raw food is purchased for pets either frozen or freeze dried. These diets can include organ meats, whole or ground bone, pet-safe fruits and vegetables, muscle meat, and raw eggs. Cats and dogs can eat raw food, and it is considered a superior alternative to dry kibble.


Many people have different beliefs on what the benefits of raw food actually are. Some people feed raw to keep their pets closely linked to what their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. While others believe the overall health benefits of feeding raw is the only benefit you need. Feeding a raw food diet does not work for every pet owner or every pet. We believe that these benefits of feeding raw outweigh those of feeding strictly kibble.

Health Benefits

Animals need specific elements in their food that kibble on its own doesn’t offer. Vitamins, nutrients, and natural enzymes are preserved in raw food because it does not require heat to keep overtime compared to kibble. Think of kibble as fast food. You toss it in a bowl and that’s that. A home cooked meal is what your pet will be eating with raw food. It takes a bit more effort to make but is healthier overall.

Another reason people go raw is improved stool. This is due to how much easier it is for pets to digest and absorb the nutrients in raw food. Kibble contains roughly 25-45% starch, the key component to make kibble hard. While it is digestible, starch is very low in nutrients. The harder the food is, the harder it is to digest and absorb all necessary nutrients.

A complete and balanced diet is crucial for a strong immune system. Meat is fundamental for any animal’s diet, as are fruits and vegetables, and superfoods. Raw muscle meat provides high quality protein that aids in good health and immunity. Raw diets contain essential fats, vitamins, and minerals that are pivotal for a healthy immune system.

Improved and shiny coat is a big benefit many pet owners agree with. Raw diets contain a majority of ingredients that support skin and coat health. Raw meat contains omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for healthy skin and coat; they are excellent for anti-inflammatory purposes as well.


To conclude, raw food for pets has been a hot topic. One big reason people feed raw is to keep their pets connected to their roots. Hard kibble is not a great source of nutrients or flavor. If you’re feeding your pet dry food, consider putting in bone broth to soften their food for easier digestion. Add some exciting snacks into their dish like quail eggs, freeze dried biscuits, turkey necks, etc.

Imagine eating the same bowl of bland cereal everyday, minus the milk. You’d get tired of it! Your pet is thinking the same thing.