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April 11th is National Pet Day – Here’s How You Can Celebrate!

We know that National Pet Day doesn’t arrive until next month, but we wanted to help you get a head-start on ways that you can celebrate this special day with your pet!

April 11th is National Pet Day – Here’s How You Can Celebrate!

National Pet Day is a special occasion for all pet owners to celebrate and appreciate their furry companions, and we wanted to provide our readers with ways they can commemorate this special day. Here are our suggestions…


Spend Quality Time With Your Pet

As a pet owner, you likely spend ample time with your pet. But consider spending some extra quality-based time with them doing the things they love. Play with them, take them on a walk, or teach them a new trick – encouraged with treats they enjoy!


Treat Your Pet to Something Special

Buy your pet a new toy, treat, or some delicious pet-friendly food that they will enjoy. Which our CBD treats are an excellent pet-friendly option with health benefits too!

Take Some Adorable Pictures of Your Pet

Create and ‘Instagramable’ photoshoot for your pet, using the hashtag #NationalPetDay. We assure you – everyone loves a cute or funny pet pic!


Donate To An Animal Shelter or Rescue Organization

National Pet Day is an excellent opportunity to give back to the animal community by donating money or volunteering your time to help animals in need.


Educate Yourself On Pet Care

Take some time to learn about your pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior to ensure they are living their best life. Which we aim to help with in our blog content – as seen here.


Celebrations and Pet Anxiety


Do celebrations cause your pet to display symptoms of anxiety? We recently wrote about that


When your pet is in distress, knowing what the best pet anxiety medication is matters. At Pawt4Paws, we care about the wellbeing of pets. It is at the forefront or what we do and why we do it. For those seeking a holistic approach to their pet’s healthcare, our CBD oil for anxiety offers a wide range of dosages to address such concerns.


We understand that is can be alarming to see your pet display anxious behaviour. Our customer service centre will seek to answer any questions you may have on the matter, assisting you with products that can lend support when you need it most.


Added ways to calm your pet when they react to stimuli include…


  1. Create a safe space: Give your pet a designated safe space where they can retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. This can be a crate, a specific room, or a cozy corner with their favorite toys and bedding.


  1. Use pheromone sprays or diffusers: Pheromones are natural chemicals that animals release to communicate with each other. Pheromone sprays or diffusers can help to calm your pet by mimicking the pheromones that animals release when they feel safe and secure.


  1. Provide distraction: Distract your pet with toys, treats, or games to take their mind off the stimulus that’s causing their reaction. Engage in playtime or training sessions with them to redirect their attention.


  1. Use calming music or white noise: Playing calming music or white noise can help to drown out loud noises and create a soothing environment for your pet.


  1. Use positive reinforcement: Reward your pet with treats, praise, and affection when they exhibit calm behavior in response to stimuli. This will help to reinforce the behaviour and encourage them to remain calm in the future.


National Pet Day is well-worth celebrating and we’re here to help. If your pet could benefit from our CBD products, Pawt4Paws would be happy to assist you in choosing the ones that would benefit them most!


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