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Our Mission with CBD

CBD Oil For Pets and For You is what we do at Pawt4Paws!

Our vision and mission is to provide unbiased, sound information and safe products.

We have used CBD Oil for years and we believe in its natural healing benefits.

We are proud to be able to help you and your pets live Pain-Free, Happy and Healthy!

Pawt4Paws carries only the best quality, Non-GMO, Organic, 3rd party tested products available!

See something we don’t carry?

Simply contact us here and we will be glad to try and make it a reality!

Meet Our Founders

Dave and Chelan’s combined love of animals and caring is what makes this company what it is.

a man sitting on his doorstep playing with a beige dog


Samson, who was Dave’s beloved family dog is who brought Dave to the CBD world for dogs. Watching it stop Samson’s seizures, allowing him to walk without a limp or medication, and give him a pain-free adult life he knew he needed to help others find an easy way to find CBD for their pets.

Dave has grown up with dogs. As long as he can remember he has had either a family dog or a dog of his own, with a fondness for the larger breed dogs. He grew up around Bouviers, Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Labs.
Since he was a young fella, his Mom tells us that he was rescuing and bringing home animals. He spent his early years on a farm in South-Western British Columbia bringing up chickens, cows, horses, ducks, and of course dogs and cats. Dave is married to Hannah and has a young family with 3 kids. His love for animals and compassion for them has definitely been passed on to all 3 of their kids. Dave, Hannah, and the family have all welcomed rescued Harper into their life. She is a Yellow Lab that is teaching them so much about communicating and understanding dogs.
You can find Dave with his family and Harper, camping or out and about around town. Dave has always had a passion for helping people and animals, giving what he has to others that need care.

a woman and her black and white dogs playing in the grass


Chelan was born and raised in Kelowna. She never met an animal she didn’t like, which led her to work in the veterinary field for 15 years. It also fed her need to rescue and adopt unwanted animals. Most of these critters had either skeletal or pain issues and most had major anxiety. For years she was unable to find anything pharmaceutical or supplemental to help reduce their anxiety, without personality-altering side effects, until finally tried CBD oil. The results spoke for themselves.

Upon the sudden and tragic passing of her husband Stacey and her subsequent cancer diagnosis and treatment, she left the veterinary office to be with her children full time.

During a visit with her close friend David and his family, they discussed the changes they’d seen in their pets while on CBD. They wished everybody knew about this natural supplement’s benefits. It was then that the light bulb went off in David’s head. The idea for Pawt4Paws was born. Chelan really enjoys still being able to help animals and is able to bring her pet health knowledge to our customers.

In her experience, CBD oil has helped many animals but, as every pet and their medical condition is different, it’s still important to speak with your vet prior to starting your pet on it.

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Featured CBD Products

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