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In 2020 it might be a little easier to be a pet owner with all the new technology around. Today there are so many great apps to help you manage your daily pet parenting routine you will be amazed!

We decided to make a list of 5 must-have pet apps in 2020 for any pet owner out there.

# 1 Pet First Aid

Have your simple step-by-step first aid guide right there on your phone, anytime you need it. This app helps to locate the nearest vet hospitals in case of emergency or pet-friendly hotels. Pet First Aid comes with a large selection of videos, quizzes, veterinary advice to take care of your cat or dog. You can also set a vet appointment through your app profile. Available for both IOS and Android users.

#2 MyPet Reminders

Another great app to have. Specifically designed to keep track of vet appointments, medication, and vaccination schedules. In addition, you get custom reminders such as birthdays, competitions, and dog shows. You can download this app for both IOS and Android systems.

#3 Rover

Rover is a connecting app for pet parents who are in need of dog sitters and pet caretakers. This app can help you to find your perfect house sitter, dog walker, pet boarder and others who love to take care of pets.

The main advantage of this app is that you always can track where your pup is by GPS, message your sitters, receive photo updates from walks, book and pay for services. Downloads available for Android and IOS users.

Must-have pet apps in 2020

#4 Dogo

This fun app acts as a personal trainer for your dog. Dogo has more than 100 useful commands to teach your dog, a step-by-step guide, illustrations, videos with built-in clickers for a variety of sound options. This fun app provides progress reports so you can track your pet’s improvements daily.

This app allows you to consult with a trainer online with a response rate of 24 hours.

#5 Bring Fido

If you like to travel a lot and take your furry friend with you, it’s probably a good idea to have to Bring Fido on your phone. This app helps to locate and book the best pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and many other attractions with just one click.

You can also find information on many dog events, groomers, and pet supply stores around the world. Which can be very convenient if you are a busy dog parent. Get the app here.

#6 Bark Happy

Want to set a pet date? Bark Happy is a fun app for the pet owner who wants to set a play date for their pets. The only thing you have to do is to create a pet profile and discover other dogs near you. This useful app has a “Lost and Found” feature which helps to locate, and report lost or found pets as well as post their pictures and contact information. Download this app here.

#7 Petamiko

If you are more into an all-in-one-place app than Petamiko is one of the best apps out there. In addition to mating and dating services, this app allows you to schedule your pet for grooming, vet visits, vaccination, meals and medicine routine.

One more great feature is an Adoption app section, where pet owners can place their pets for adoption or find and adopt a pet.

Also, Petamiko users can easily access community features where they can discuss important pet-related topics, suggest and ask questions to other pet owners.  The app is available for both IOS and Android users.

Pet Apps in 2020 (Bonus App)

Petdiabetes is a must-have for anyone who owns a pet with diabetes. This app helps to monitor and control pet’s symptoms and lets you log such medical info as their blood glucose level. You can get handy reminders for vet appointments and insulin shots schedule. Download this app here.

There you go!

Sometimes technology can make our life easier even when it comes to pet care. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to download and install these pet apps in 2020, they are pretty user friendly and simple to navigate around. Just play around and see which one fits your lifestyle the best!


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