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Even though we think cats are less friendly than dogs, they are still great companions for many people. If you want to have a pet but at the same time you are working long hours, then a cat might be a good friend choice.

We prepared 5 unexpected benefits of being a cat owner and how you can improve your life with that little change.

  1. Distressing Friendship

Sometimes life gets complicated on many levels and it is hard to cope with for many people. They start to suffer from anxiety, stress or depression. Cats have demonstrated to help people get over hard times faster, and relieve physical symptoms of emotional pain, like crying. That’s why there is a special cat’s service in many social support clinics. Being a cat owner is not only lovely purring but a trustworthy long-lasting friendship.

  1. Healthy Heart.

Owning any pet is already good for your health. But owning a cat is really beneficial for your heart health! Since they don’t need so much attention as dogs, they can significantly lower level of stress in the end of hard day. Once you are comfortable on the couch watching a movie, just pet your cat. It will calm you down and lower a chance of heart attack by 30%.

  1. Better Sleep

If you struggle with sleep disorders, then your cat friend can help you. Recent research proved that people who prefer to sleep with their pets reported lower insomnia level for 41%!

  1. Cat Can Save Your Life

No jokes here, they literary can save your life. Over many decades cats saved countless lives. One cat woke up its human when a gas pipe started leaking, the other cat in UK warns her owner when he is about to have seizures. And of course, a famous story about Simon who saved many lives during the war in 1949.

  1. Better For The Environment

Being a cat owner is better for the environment then if you own a dog. You need less resources to feed a cat than a dog, they eat less meat and leave less carbon footprint over time.

Overall, being a cat owner is a great way to have a best friend with its own unique personality.