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CBD Dog Treats Venison & Blueberries

CBD Dog Treats Venison & Blueberries

CBD dog treats is a great way to help ease your pet when you are in a situation that needs quick, no fuss, and no mess. Whether you’re having company and they get anxious, a storm rolls in and they are afraid of the thunder, or fireworks. You can use CBD Dog Treats while you’re camping or on a trip and they have a hard time relaxing in the car, they will help calm their nerves so you and your dog can relax a bit. You can substitute them for their CBD oil if needed, it’s easy and convenient when you need.

Pawt4Paws CBD Oil For Cats Salmon Flavour

Pawt4Paws CBD Oil For Cats Salmon Flavour

Your little furry friend is not so curious anymore? Day after day you see him getting more upset, anxious or even aggressive? Say no more! We got what you need! This high-quality CBD oil for cats will give your pet that needed relief and bring them back to their active self. A daily dosage of Pawt4Paws CBD oil is an amazing boost of natural ingredients to support daily physical and mental health. Give your cat the best life they deserve and treat them with this tasty salmon oil infused CBD oil.

Pawt4Paws CBD Oil For Pets

Pawt4Paws CBD Oil For Pets

The snow is falling and he loves it, if only he could go out and play like he used to. Give him the ability to go out and play and run, give him his oil daily. You leave for the day and you know that she is going to destroy something today, give her the daily dosage and protect your new pair of shoes. Dogs have a 6th sense, a knowing that we all love, its part of what makes them amazing. Knowing that a seizure is looming is scary and they loose confidence. Give them the chance to be their best to feel confident.  


At we strive to have excellent products to promote natural healing and wellness for your pet.

We aim for having long term customers and have decided as a company that it's important to over-deliver!




Reduce Anxiety

A powerful painkiller

control arthritis & joint pain

reduce inflamation

stop seizures

slow cancer & Tumor growth

Reduce nausea & vomiting

stimulate appetite

a regular supplement to promote health & wellbeing


  • I’ve been adopting rescue animals for the last 15 years and man do I wish I’d known about CBD oil before now! The difference I’ve seen in my anxiety filled dogs is quite amazing! I’ve been using the Full Spectrum CBD oils on one especially tough case (10lbs land shark) and he is now happy to be around new people, doesn’t hide or bark incessantly when we have company and his fear and anxiety has been greatly reduced. The same oil has also been effective for my 3 legged, 4lbs Chihuahua for car ride anxiety/ sickness. Vet visits are also less stressful for all of us now! 😉

  • Love love this company, has helped both my pugs with anxiety and pain.

  • Absolutely LOVE this company! It has most definitely helped both of my dogs with anxiety and has also put a stop to seizures. Customer service is fabulous in answering all of your questions regarding CBD. I highly recommend this company!

  • I rescued my pup and have only had her for a few months now. She has been great, but she gets VERY bad seperation anxiety. We have recently been trying CBD oil to calm her while she’s not with me. It has been AMAZING, and I would recommend trying this natural option to anyone! The customer service I received also blew me out of the water. I don’t have anything but amazing things to say about this company.
    Thank you so much Pawt4paws.

  • I have a 19 year old kitty with severe arthritis. She often hates being touched and cries out when picked up. Since starting her on the oils, she has become way more affectionate with everyone and more often than not, enjoys a good snuggle. Very happy with this product and service!

  • Coming from a pharmaceutical background, I couldn’t wrap my head around anything helping our 14 year old husky/shepherd cross that wasn’t a prescribed medication. She was very sick with bloodwork showing the early signs of liver/kidney failure and pancreatitis, losing half her body weight. Nothing the vet prescribed was helping. After chatting with customer service, and trusting in their knowledge, we started her on the 800mg CBD. 2 1/2 months later, ALL her bloodwork is normal, her appetite is back, being just about back to her normal weight, and as a bonus her mobility has improved. Completely feel this product, and the company’s knowledge has saved our girl!

  • Pawt4Paws has made travelling with my pup so much better. He used to hyperventilate no matter the distance we went and now he is just calm. It’s fabulous! Thanks Pawt4Paws!

  • We rescued a cat 11 years ago and have put up with his meowing loudly day and night ever since. He also was injured, creating some mobility issues. Started giving him CBD oil just over a month ago and he is much quieter now and far more mobile. We can now sleep through the night without being woken up with his cries. Thank you!!

  • Bailey, our 10-year-old Shepherd-cross was injured four years ago while playing, tearing a ligament in her rear leg. As a result, she was reduced to struggling to go up and down stairs, to sit and get up from a lying position. A vet recommended surgery, or alternatively a brace – neither of which were viable. We searched for a natural healing route and found CBD oil from Pawt4Paws. After only one week we could see a noticeable difference in Bailey’s physical mobility. By week four Bailey was playing and jumping like she used to. Affordable, quick delivery and great customer service provided the solution to our pet’s issues

    Jay A.
  • We went to a gathering at a friends cabin and normally Lucy would be quite anxious, attached to our hips and very protective. We gave her the recommended amount of CBD4PAWS and she did amazing!! She was so calm, collected and friendly to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’d highly recommend to anyone with an anxious pup ☺️



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